Lime Stones


Cuddapah black is one of our most popular Indian limestones. These black tiles have a hard and naturally smooth surface making them resilient and durable. A dark charcoal colour when dry and unsealed, these stone paving slabs become an intense black when wet.

Kota blue limestone have gained much popularity because of its fine shade of bluish green that adds liveliness to the surrounding. This stone is preferred for flooring and wall cladding, paving and facades of buildings. It is mainly because Kota Blue has the unique properties of limestones. This kota blue stone is very tough, non water-absorbent, non-slip, non-porous and have excellent stain removability. Kota blue stones are available in variety of finishes in different forms such as tiles, slabs, cobbles and block. Kota blue limestone tiles and blocks can be cut to any size as per the requirement of the clients. Edges are honed to avoid possible damages during transportation or application at the site.

Peacock Limestone is a dark grey natural limestone with soft blue veining that adds depth to its appearance. This natural limestone is very tough and resistant to slip and has great tolerance towards freezing and thawing conditions, which makes it ideal for commercial sites. Limestone can beautify your surroundings in a magnificent way. The natural look of the stone can transform the surroundings and will offer you tranquility like never before. The subtle color shades also add life and brightness to the surroundings. The chic ambience generated by its use can leave you in pure ecstasy. These days when interior décor is gaining an all new time frenzy, lime peacock is just the limestone you could dream for. Lime peacock as wall claddings will enhance the beauty of any surroundings.

Yes, Indias Kota Brown Limestone can be used in landscaping. Kota Brown Limestone is a durable and versatile natural stone that is often used for landscaping projects such as paving, pathways, garden edging, and retaining walls. Its earthy brown color and smooth texture give it a natural and elegant look, making it suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications. Additionally, Kota Brown Limestone is known for its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it a popular.

Tandoor Yellow limestone also called French Vanilla is a warm honey coloured limestone with subtle texture & rustic appearance. Owing to its strength & durability, it is ideal for all kind of construction applications be it landscaping, walling, floorings, patios and so on. The natural sheen that the stone carries with it generates an internal urge that is indescribable and can only create a feel like owning it come what might. An imperial and eleg.