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Granite began its life as liquid magma within the earth’s core. Granite is a hard, crystalline, ingenious rock formed from extreme heat, comprised of various minerals such as quartz and feldspar. Dimensional granite specification include high load bearing capacity, flexibility of cutting, ability to yield thin and large slabs and above all durability. Granite is a very strong and durable stone. It takes heavy gloss polish, popularly used as architectural stone for interior and exterior walls, floors and monumental stone.



Marble is a metamorphic rock resulting from the re-crystallization of limestone softened from heat and pressure. Main constituents are calcium and dolomite. Hardness ranges from 2.5 to 5 on the MOH scale. Marble is usually heavily veined and shows lots of grains. Dimensional marble specifications include smooth textures, ease in crafting sculptures, hence highly manageable. It is a reasonably strong and durable stone. It takes good polish, popularly used as wall claddings, floors, skirting’s, table tops, treads and risers, sculptures, artifacts, etc.


Sand Stone

Sandstone is a sedimentary stone that is typically the result of quartzite stone being eroded and redeposit by either wind or water. Sandstone mostly consists of quartz, silica, iron oxide and calcium carbonate and is durable, weather, acid and thermal resistant and has crushing strength.

They can at most take a honed polish, and are used as garden and commercial landscapes, exterior wall cladding, etc. They come in an array of colors & shades and can be chiseled and dressed to a smooth surface in various attractive shapes.



Slate has a unique look, and is an extraordinary and versatile material. Slate has very low porosity that makes it stain resistant and easy to maintain. Slate has a fine to medium grained surface texture. It renders a very graceful, natural finish to any building or home. Quartzite can be cleft like slate, or can be smooth and more similar to marble and granite in appearance. The major difference between slate and quartzite is quartz-ite’s ability to withstand many freeze-thaw cycles.



Enjoy the great outdoors in style and comfort with our broad range of landscaping materials. Customize your driveway, pool, garden and walkway with various colors of Cobbles and Pebbles for completely natural look.


Lime Stone

Limestone is a rock formed from sedimentary process where underground and underwater comprised primarily of calcium deposits of shell and bone. Common colors are black, grey, white, yellow or brown. Limestone is known to contain lime from sea water, and that’s why the nomenclature.



Mineral has multiple quality varieties (grades) that determine its applicability in a given industry. After mining the rocks in a crude form were sorted for quality via processing machines. Thereafter, they are downsized in a variety of sizes, depending on the requirement of a customer to fulfill various industrial needs.


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